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News about our child life assistant position ITT support

Congratulations Angelica for being recognized as the winner of the 2022 Allied Health Assistant of the Year (Allied Health Awards) for your work in the Child Life and Music Therapy Department and the Oncology Treatment centre.

We all feel very privileged to work with you and are all very proud of you. The people who nominated you accurately described how you work and treat people, as well as what you do every day to assist staff,  children and families. Thank you for being such a great advocate also for Child Life and Music Therapy.

Here are some words from those who contributed to Angelica's nomination....

Angelica is truly embedded in the fabric of Allied Health, and understands the important role that she plays in supporting patients, families and staff. She is a key member of the Allied Health team, demonstrating excellence in her psychosocial care and support for patients and families, and undoubtedly improving their health journey and experience.

Angelica has demonstrated on many occasions her ability to work collaboratively within the OTC. She is highly respected, supporting staff in whatever way needed with enthusiasm and joy. Her tireless support extends throughout the unit, empowering all OTC staff to deliver the best service possible. When working with patients who exhibit challenging behaviours, Angelica maintains a respectful and positive nature, looking for the best in the child, and never willing to ‘give up’ or dismiss them. Often when the next patient is called for their appointment, Angelica is the person who is able to provide the information on where the patient is. This helps makes the unit run smoother and more efficiently. The OTC NUM describes.

Angelica has had an undeniable impact on the treatment journey of countless patients and families. She quietly and diligently goes about her work in humility and without fanfare, always exhibiting a ‘can do’ attitude and joyful smile.

Thank you for those who took the time to nominate Angelica and thank you AngelicaJ


PS – Congrats beverage is non-alcoholic.

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