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A Thank you Letter from a Parent October 2022

To whom it may concern,

My name is Amy Roche. My Daughter, Elsie Roche was diagnosed with Leukaemia in January this year and had been attending oncology outpatients clinic at Westmead Children’s Hospital since this time, at least once a week.

I want to take some time to acknowledge an incredible staff member of the child life therapy team, Angelica. Angelica is a play therapist in the oncology outpatient clinic and she is exceptional at her role. Angelica goes above and beyond for ALL children in the clinic. Angelica not only remembers the patients' names, she remembers their favourite toys, their parents and siblings' names, their likes and dislikes. She learns each child’s personalities and she excels in communicating with each child at their level.

Angelica’s verbal and non verbal communications skills are something to be commended. Many staff members could learn great things from Angelica. My daughter, Elsie looks forward to seeing Angelica’s bright and happy face every visit. Some days I sit and watch as Angelica runs from child to child, back and forth to the playroom. Smiling and chatting to each person, she never shows she is tired, she never shows any negativity even with difficult patients. Angelica has a way of lighting up the room and making the oncology clinic a fun and welcoming place to be. When Angelica is away you can feel the difference in the waiting room.

Angelica deserves recognition and praise for the exceptional job she does day in and day out. The pride and love she has for her job shines through and we are so grateful for the amazing job she does. We hope that this email reaches the correct people to inform them of what an amazing person Angelica is and what a valuable member of the child life therapy team she is.

Kind regards
Amy Roche

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