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"If you’ve ever seen a kid fight cancer, it will change your life forever.”

Deborah Carr Presented a Benefactor Award to ITT in September 2017

September is Childhood  Cancer Awareness month & I would like to start with this quote…

“They ride tricycles in the hallways, not in the park.  They know the names of their chemo instead of their class mates. Nurses and Doctors are their new family. Their laughter will make a heart melt.  Their strength will make a grown person cry. If you’ve ever seen a kid fight cancer, it will change your life forever.”    

The Intrepid Travelling Troupe is a group of individuals who have been creating wonderful performances for almost 20 years and The Oncology Treatment Centre at the hospital is honoured to have been chosen as one of the recipients of their efforts.

With 150 to 200 new patients each year from babies through to teenagers, attending for cancer treatment, the support provided by the Intrepid Travelling Troupe has been vital in creating an amazing environment for our young patients receiving treatment.  From walls decorated with fantastic murals, great distraction resources, toys and games, comfortable furniture and medical equipment, their contribution is immeasurable.

For the last year they have supported the employment of a part-time Child Life assistant to co-ordinate and plan activities for the kids in the Oncology Treatment Centre.  These include special play sessions / story-telling sessions / entertainment / craft activities / ‘theme’ days and lots more. 

We are indebted to this wonderful group for their continuous support and commitment to children with cancer.  It is my great pleasure to present this Benefactors Award to the Intrepid Travelling Troupe committee members -


John Kouvelis, Wendy Nightingale,

Gus Conduit & Paul Sanders

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